Convenient Heating
Today changing your home heating has never been more convenient. What's more, the comprehensive range of domestic heating appliances - from simple, attractive open fires to advanced glass-fronted room heaters, freestanding boilers and cookers - give you the flexibility to adapt, and the versatility to control, your home heating far into the future.

Solid fuel heating the healthy option
Solid fuel heating is not just healthier for your home - it's healthier for your children. Recent research has shown that children brought up in homes heated with coal fires are half as likely to develop Hay Fever as those from homes with other forms of domestic heating. There was a similar decrease in the risk of developing allergies such as asthma and eczema. In urban areas as many as one child in five now suffers from asthma. Research has also shown that asthma attacks can be triggered by nitrogen dioxide from Gas Fires and Cookers and that those least at risk live in homes with solid fuel fires

Harmful condensation can be the source of mould growth and ruin the fabric of your home. The common cause of condensation - intermittent heating combined with inadequate ventilation - is greatly reduced in houses using solid fuel heating.