Chimney Sweeping

New Chimney Sweeping Service
NACS Member

Hi we are very pleased to announce that we have our own in house chimney sweeping service. Anthony Banks has completed his training with the National Association of Chimney Sweeps and is now qualified to offer an excellent sweeping service. We offer the traditional rod and brush service along with the latest rotary sweeping system from Rodtech.

It is recommended that you have your flue cleaned at least once a year if you are burning smokeless fuel, twice a year for bituminous house coal and every three months for wood. We certify all our work for the recommended periods described above, We are often asked do we make a mess? Our answer is that we always try to leave a fireplace in a cleaner condition than it was when we arrived. We take every precaution to stop the soot getting out!

Don’t wait until you start using your fire next winter get it sorted now then you know it is sorted and ready to go when needed.

Email us your contact details and we will get back to you and sort a conveniant time and date on